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Smiley - Captain Three Leg* - Shattered Limbs Braided Into The Spokes Of The Death Machine (CDr)


  1. Despite it being too much information to take in all at once, the year-old had to admit the idea of fighting a Captain sounded rad. Now, ten minutes after this very enlightening conversation with Garp, Luffy had just casually walked into the third reason for his happiness: the marine lunchroom.
  2. Captain Smiley Stress Balls - Standard Item # MI The Captain Smiley Stress Ball is sure to put a smiley on anyone's face! These squeezable captain smiley shaped stress relievers are custom printed with your logo and/or text making them ideal for your next marketing or internal event.
  3. BRONCO BUSTER "Mind Corruption" EP Pro CDr (Self Release) - Borneo head hunter grindcore RM12 CAPTAIN THREE LEG "Shattered Limbs Braided Into The Spokes of The Death Machine" Pro CD-r (Mortville Recs) - Ohio Noise RM10 CAPTAIN 3 LEG/WHORETORN/YEAST INFECTION 3 way split CD (Mortville Recs) - Noise grind RM20Location: Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.
  4. "Piggy's arms and legs twitched, like a pigs after it has been killed." Jack's new mask shows his loss of his old identity and discovery of a new, savage one. Para three TH Biblical Parallels and symbolism. Simon's body is 'dressed' like Christ's however his death leads the boys further into anarchy, whereas Jesus sacrafised himself for.
  5. Clint pulled his arms and legs into a tight ball. “No,” he said, and if seeing him as a tiny, mop-headed kid hadn’t freaked Bucky out, hearing him talk in a high-pitched kid’s voice definitely did. “I want my mommy!” wailed Sam, just as Tony landed and flipped open his face plate to stare.
  6. The pig is described as being Lord of the flies but he isn't really Lord of anything and is instead being fed off. Perhaps this represents the littluns clinging to Ralph for protection and leadership but in reality doing more harm than good (e,g going to the toilet in the forest near the fruit).
  7. "DiNozzo, the captain left word he wants to see you asap." "Thanks, Del." Tony took the stairs two at a time, making his way through the old battered metal desks of the detective division. He knocked on the well-worn doorframe, waiting impatiently for the order to enter. It was a power play by his captain to make his men wait, especially Tony.
  8. Monday begins the last week of treatments. Unfortunately it also started on a down note. It seems that the people in the last week and a.

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