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  1. till definition: 1. up to (the time that); until: 2. the drawer in a cash register (= a machine which records sales. Learn more.
  2. Aug 04,  · Till. Till is a preposition that means up to the time of. In America, many people incorrectly consider it as an abbreviation of until, and there are also people who put an apostrophe before til. Till as a preposition has been there in English language for quite some time. It is not that till is incorrect as is the belief of most Americans.
  3. · Till is actually the older word, with until having been formed by the addition to it of the prefix un-, meaning "up to." In the s, the spelling 'till became fashionable, as if till .
  4. Jul 31,  · Till definition: In spoken English and informal written English, till is often used instead of → until. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  5. till In addition to the subsequent idioms beginning with till, also see hand in the till; until. See: (goodbye) till later (goodbye) till then all hours Call no man happy till he dies carry over to/until (some day or time) catch (one) with (one's) fingers in the till catch (one) with (one's) hand in the till church ain't out till they quit singing count.

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